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        Welcome, dear visitor, to my website!

Before discussing the content of this website, let me first briefly introduce myself: my name is Lygia Beatriz Tangerino Junqueira and I am a professional English and Portuguese teacher. I remember I could speak English fluently when I was 12, as my father gave me the great opportunity to start learning a second language when I was 5. In addition to studying English, I’ve studied German, Russian, French and Spanish, but this was later, after high school, and not for as long as I have studied English.

I’ve worked for a bank for four years. Since 1984, I’ve been dedicating my career to those who really love learning.

I graduated in Portuguese and English Teaching. My specialization is in the phonetical or morphological environment of these two languages. I’ve started working on my Master’s Degree and have attended many extra courses, workshops, which I’ll mention next time I update my website. Apart from constantly reviewing and revising my attitudes in classroom, which is crucial in my profession, I regularly check for updates and find reports about the most relevant methodologies, and have varied interests in topics related to teaching, most notably in Technical Terms, Andragogy (“Teaching Adults”) and Technogogy (“the power and function of multimedia computing (technology) and its use in the teaching and learning”). Several of these interests are highlighted on this website. 

In this field, I am the founder and co-founder of three English Schools, and have been a co-worker for a number of serious scientific publications, website English versions, e-booklets in Spanish, with or without having my name mentioned, and, of course, pretty much enjoy  classroom activities as well.

As an avid nature observer, I have made several observational trips, amongst others, to various places in Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Venezuela, and some of the Caribbean Islands.

I do many things with my camera, besides clicking and shooting places, people. I’m very keen on collecting pictures to register tasks of my students, for example.  Moreover, using my voice recorder is another useful tool to motivate them. I have also made a number of discoveries in my classes in my Portuguese-For-Non-Native-Speakers Programs.

Differently from being a teacher, there are other things I do and enjoy, such as drawing, painting, and computer imaging.  After having studied a bit about Makeup Art, I’ve done cat walking makeup work. I absolutely love crafting.

  Please feel free to visit my WebPages again and enjoy them.  

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